Genesis inc provides the most diverse range of corporate event management services, a professional event management agency in pune that we will customise to suit your specific event needs and objectives. Whether it’s an Annual day or a Family day, Theme parties or an R&R, Factory inauguration or a Product launch, Conference or a Seminar, Networking or a Town-hall, Exhibitions or a stall, we do it all.

And since every event is unique, our team is ready to handle a variety of services to meet those one-of-a-kind needs. From paper planning to handling all the last-minute executions, we’re here to make sure the event’s character meets your needs and those of the participants. We work alongside every client to create an event that is unique and memorable. From raw concept and design creation through on-site coordination, this innovative formula allows our team complete control over the events we produce, keeping our clients costs down and our accountability up.

Our many years of experience in executing events for prominent corporates means we understand that each company has a unique set of values and prospects to which we must not only adhere but must exceed. You’re after an experience that thrills. Being a professional & leading event company in Pune we combine the latest production techniques, advanced technology solutions and a wealth of experience to create innovative environments that provide audiences with a powerful, on-brand experience. One that lifts your delegates, takes them to another world, empowers them to effect positive change within your business.

Experience is priceless and by partnering with Genesis, you tap into our years of association and experience. And most of all, an event that inspires. Be it a single afternoon or an event lasting several days, we’ll handle it all for you.

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